Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture and Kultura Medialna 2023


22. 5. - 28. 5. 2023


Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture
Крутогірний узвіз 21а, Дніпро


Four workshops are planned for the DCCC event, two for the Scientific Visualization track, designated SCI 1 and SCI 2, and two for the Interactive 3D Art track, designated ART 1 and ART 2. Although we recommend sticking to your chosen track schedule, the sessions under Basics can be attended by either of the tracks if there is enough free places. Contact us if you would like to attend in the other's group Basics session.

The first set of workshops, is taught in two 6 h blocks during plus a 1 h lunch break. The ART 1 workshop is on Monday and Tuesday, and the SCI 1 workshop on Wednesday and Thursday.

DayTimeART 1SCI 1
Monday 22. 5.10:00 – 17:00Basics
Tuesday 23. 5.10:00 – 17:00Specialized
Wednesday 24. 5.10:00 – 17:00Basics
Thursday 25. 5.10:00 – 17:00Specialized

The second set of workshops, is tailored for those who prefer to attend outside regular working hours. The basic lessons are taught together on Wednesday and Thursday evening, and the specialized lessons are separate on Saturday for ART 2 and Sunday for SCI 2.

DayTimeART 2SCI 2
Wednesday 24. 5.18:00 – 21:00Basics 1Basics 1
Thursday 25. 5.18:00 – 21:00Basics 2Basics 2
Saturday 27. 5.10:00 – 17:00Specialized
Sunday 28. 5.10:00 – 17:00Specialized